Filming schedule

Day one

PM – Arrive in Berlin. Enough time for some shots on the train from Scheonefeld to Kreuzberg. Then to Henning’s pad.

EV – A couple of beers may be in order to launch the filming and thank Henning.

Day two

AM – Cutaways of Karl Marx Allee. Interview with Steffen Leide of the Stasi Museum.

PM/EV – Meet Sven Kubala for a thank you drink.

Day three

AM – Late start.

PM – Interview with John Tarver, Lancaster born DDR resident, former university lecturer and Stasi employee.

Day four

AM – Travel to Nikolassee to meet Stefan Eix. Interview in a garden restaurant.

PM – Travel to Prenzlaurberg for man-on-the-street/voxpops style interviews.

Day five

AM – Travel to Rudow to meet Erika Kammer. Interview and spaziergang. Henning Krull to translate.

PM – Back to central Berlin to meet Ursula Petzsch. Interview at PDS Karl Liebknecht Haus. Other prospects. Henning Krull to translate.

EV – Coverage of PDS Monday demonstration.

Day six

AM – Interview with Peter Weger – caught and jailed for trying to help his girlfriend escape to the West.

PM – Interview confirmed at Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, possibly with Alexandra Hildebrandt. Man-on-the-street interviews and cutaways.

Day seven

AM – Visit Eastside Gallery. Last opportunity for any re-shoots, cutaways or other loose ends.

PM – Fly home.