Berlin diary introduction

Ian kept a diary throughout the filming trip to Berlin. This was scribbled in his little leather bound notebook on planes, buses, S and U Bahns and whenever he got the chance.

The diary proved to be an enjoyable read for Ian when he returned home. It is also a record, though not always accurate, of the ups and downs of the trip. These seemed as good reasons as any to make the diary available to the My DDR T-Shirt fanatics out there. You know who you are (Mrs. Wynn).

Hawkinsian historians pointed out that the diary happens to be Ian’s biggest written project since his aborted Creative Writing MA. On hearing this news, Ian wanted to quash any rumours that this constitutes a return to the medium and issued the following statement:

“Look, the diary is essentially the hurried scribblings of a busy person with other things on his mind – it’s not a comeback.”

NB. Text on the diary pages may contain misspellings, tybos and dead bad grammaticals.